Real Name: Vannarah - Ring Name(s): Su Yung, Sonia, Vanna.From: Seattle, WashingtonDOB: June 30, 1989.Working For: Various Independent Promotions.Mini Bio: Vannarah (born June 30, 1989) is an American professional wrestler & valet of American & Asian descent. Vannarah was signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in early 2010, working in their developmental territory, FCW till her shock release in August 2011. Vannarah is currently wrestling on the independent scene. She currently competes at Shine Wrestling.
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Kimber Lee defeated Lufisto via DQ when Lufisto gave Kimber Lee the title and pretended to be knocked out. Lufisto holds onto the SHINE Championship. After the match, Su Yung made an appearance on the balcony.

With Su being gone from SHINE for nearly a near now, with her disappearance coming just before her fabled red wedding to Lufisto, what does this mean for the SHINE champion?

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Taya attempts the Road to Valhalla but Allie counters with the Best Superkick Ever! Allie follows up with the Codebreaker to win the match and retain the Knockouts championship!

After the match, it looks as though Su Yung’s undead bridesmaids bring a coffin down to ringside! The lights go out and when they come back on, Su Yung attacks Allie from behind! Yung lays out Allie and the lights go off once again but this time, when they come back on, Rosemary is in the ring! The lights go out for a third time and Su Yung escapes into the darkness!

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Show »

Allie defeats Taya Valkyrie to retain the Knockouts Title

A bunch of undead brides bring out a casket (out to the Judas Mesias theme) Lights go out, lights back on and Su Yung attacks Allie, lights go out again and Rosemary is out to confront Su Yung, lights go out again and Su Yung is gone


Rosemary vs Su Yung

Match never really gets started, Su Yung lays out Rosemary and calls out The Legion of Undead Brides, Allie makes the save for Rosemary but gets overwhelmed by The Legion of Undead Brides and Su Yung mists Rosemary and gives Rosemary a DVD off the stage through a table

Su Yung and The Legion of Undead Brides put Rosemary in the casket as Allie watches on in horror

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Allie vs. Su Yung (w/Braxton Sutter) for the Knockouts Championship.
Sutter and Allie bickered before the bell, and Yung used the distraction to cheap shot Allie to start the match. Yung dominated the opening minutes and then took out and put on a blood covered rubber glove. Allie caught her with a codebreaker. They gave each other running uppercuts in the corner, then Allie performed a DDT that drove Yung’s face into the middle turnbuckle.

Allie superkicked Yung at 6:40, but Sutter distracted the referee from making the count. Allie punched Sutter off the apron. Yung hit Allie from behind and set up for her Panic Switch finisher, but Allie countered into a rollup for the win…

Allie defeated Su Yung in 7:15 to retain the Knockouts Championship.

After the match, Sutter took the mic and said it was bad, but he could fix it. Sutter got down on his knees and told Yung that he loved her and then asked her to marry him. Fans chanted “no” and Yung carressed his face before spraying mist into his eyes. Yung used the glove she pulled out earlier to apply a mandible claw on Sutter.

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