Real Name: Vannarah - Ring Name(s): Su Yung, Sonia, Vanna.From: Seattle, WashingtonDOB: June 30, 1989.Working For: Various Independent Promotions.Mini Bio: Vannarah (born June 30, 1989) is an American professional wrestler & valet of American & Asian descent. Vannarah was signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in early 2010, working in their developmental territory, FCW till her shock release in August 2011. Vannarah is currently wrestling on the independent scene. She currently competes at Shine Wrestling.
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These are a little late [apologies] but as we wait for Ronin11 results and pictures, which I will load and report as soon as available, please enjoy 36 images by the amazing Speedy Productions from Ronin10

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After the Ellering vs Blanchard match, Su Yung attacks Ellering and she connects with forearms. Blanchard with a running forearm while Su holds Ellering. Su and Tessa take Rachael to the back but Kay Lee Ray shows up on the stage and hits a splash. Blanchard is backed into the ring by Ray and Tessa slaps Ray while Su waits to pounce on her opponent. Su with a forearm to the back of the head.

Match Number Six:
Su Yung versus Kay Lee Ray

Ray with a forearm and then Su with a snap mare and kick to the back. Ray responds with a snap mare and kick of her own. They continue to alternate snap mares and kicks. They roll through and Ray blocks a kick and gets a round kick of her own. Ray with a near fall. Su and Ray exchange chops. Ray blocks a slap from Su and Ray slaps Su. Su slaps Ray in the face. Su puts Ray in the corner and then she chops Ray across the ring. Su puts Ray on the turnbuckles and chops her and follows with an overhead sit out power bomb for a near fall. Ray with two rolling Northern Lights suplexes for a near fall.

Su with an Irish whip and Ray slaps her. Ray with a clothesline. Su pushes Ray and screams so Ray sends Su to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Su blocks a kick and then sends Ray into the steps with a dragon screw leg whip. Su sends Ray into the apron and then returns to the ring to break the referee’s count. Su goes for a splash off the steps but Ray catches her and sends her into the apron and the ring post followed by a German suplex into the front row. Ray gets back in but Su pulls Ray back to teh floor and sends her into the pole by the ring and then pulls Ray into the post. Ray sends Su into the light pole.

Ray pulls Su back to the floor and they fight towards the bar. They fight onto the bar and Ray tries to suplex Su and Su sends Ray into the pole but Su misses a kick and Ray uses the pole for momentum to kick Su. Su trips Ray on the bar. The referee checks on Ray. Su climbs on to the bar and hits a cannonball off the bar onto Ray. Ray gets back into the ring. Su gets on the apron and Ray slaps her. They go back and forth with slaps. Ray with an enzuigiri and then she tries to suplex Su back into the ring but Su blocks it. Ray is dropped on the top rope and Su kicks Ray.

Su comes off the turnbuckles into a super kick and then Ray hits a suplex into a stunner for a near fall. Ray with an Irish whip but Su with a back heel kick and then she pulls Ray into the turnbuckles wtih a head scissors and Su gets a near fall. Su wtih a wrist lock submission with a half Lotus Lock. Ray with a rocking horse into a curb stomp and she gets a near fall. Ray puts Su on the ropes but Su gets back to teh mat. Su gets Ray on the middle rope and hits a Pedigree for a near fall. Ray with a super kick but Su with a sunset flip for a near fall. Su with a spinning cradle shock for the three count.

Winner: Su Yung

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We have some women’s wrestling action coming to ‪#‎Ronin11‬. After March’s match between Su Yung and Angel Rose, it’s pretty obvious that this feud has just only begun. Neither women were able to be called a winner that night. Now on June 18th, Angel Rose and Su Yung step into the ring, but in triple threat action, as Amanda Rodriguez makes her Ronin debut in this match. Rodriguez has competed all over, including Queens of Combat, CZW, and Shine Wrestling. Don’t miss out on this match and the rest of the #Ronin11 jam packed card!

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WHEN: Friday, June 10TH

WHERE: 2100 NW 100TH ST, CLIVE IA, 50325



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